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Tui Flower Power
Tui Flower Power growing mix will improve the health, vitality, and growth potential of flowering plants.
Tui Flower Power is a 100% weed free, bark and peat based mix with a six month controlled release fertiliser. The additions of Acadian seaweed, sulphate of potash, and Saturaid will ensure your plants reach their maximum flowering potential while developing a strong root system and healthy green foliage.
Use Tui Flower Power when planting into garden beds, pots and containers, or hanging baskets.
NZ$ 13.90 excluding GST
Price for 10+:
NZ$ 12.54 per 30 L
Price for 40+:
NZ$ 12.00 per 30 L
Price for 72+:
NZ$ 11.94 per 30 L
30 L
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