Syagrus romanzoffiana - Palms

The Queen Palm is from several South american countries, where it grows in woods and forests, and is commonly called cocos or Queen palm, which suits it very well. The queen palm is quick growing, relishes sun and a fertile, well-drained soil with a good water supply in summer months. A well sought after Palm for its hardiness in gardens and street planting. The queen palm lives up to its regal name as it grows on a slender grey trunk, topped by spreading feathery leaves-altogether an elegant palm that can rise to 15 m in some conditions. It is steadfast in salt winds and can withstand pollution, and hybridizes with several other species, given the chance. This species is probably the best of the bunch for garden purposes. Due to its size, this plant requires specialist freighting or you can pick up in Kumeu.
Photos shown are the trees in 100 Litre bags. Sale ends soon.
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100 Litre
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