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Vireya Kisses 1.3 Litre - Rhododendron

Vireya Kisses 1.3 Litre
They hail from the tropics and will do well through much of coastal NZ. In cooler areas they are often grown in containers and moved into sheltered positions in winter.
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Available Spring 2019
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Peach-pink flowers with soft yellow centres. Upright bush.
Use vireyas to add interest to sub-tropical style gardens, great in containers and the conservatory.
Dappled shade, shelter from harsh wind and all but the lightest frost in cooler areas of Zone 9. Best in a well-drained acid soil; don't use lime. They prefer a restricted root zone.
Little needed; an occasional clip to remove wayward branches and don’t let them get too dry over summer.
Height x Width:
1.2 x 1 metre