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Begonia Semperflorens - Bedding Plants


Begonia Semperflorens
Wax Begonia. Hard to beat these sweet little plants when you’re looking for a space-filler that adds a generous dose of colorful single or double flowers in pink, white, or red. And while some varieties have green foliage, the types with bronze-reddish leaves add another eye-catching punch of contrast to flower beds. Winter hardy in some areas but are frost tender so pop them indoors for a colourful display in dreary winter months. Edible flowers. Height 25cm.
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Available October - March
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These plants can do well indoors too, so plant in a container to enjoy them indoors over winter.


Begonias don’t require a huge amount of care. You’ll want to deadhead spent blooms to encourage more flowers, and if you want compact plants, pinch them back regularly.

Keep the soil moist, but water at the base of the plant to avoid leaf spot and the possibility of fungal diseases.

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