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We have started shipping (yaaa!) but there are some delays getting your parcels to you safely so please be patient. Know that your order is secure and we will look after yourt plants until we can send them. If you have any questions please email us here.

We thank you for your patience and investing in upcycled and pre-loved plants, healthier for the environment and healthier for you! :-)

About us 

Founded in 2006 by Angelique Lambermon after being in the landscape Industry for 15 years. Plant Zero is New Zealand's First 'Up-cycled' and Re-cycled Plant Nursery, with the primary focus on Zero Waste and Zero (hence the name Plant Zero!), Nasty Chemicals, for a cleaner, healthier planet! 

Many of the re-cycled plants are now grown in west Auckland and a small number of plants are grown North of Auckland by Angelique's twin Sister Monique. Plant Zero is 100% KIWI grown, and was borne for the exchanging, buying and selling of plants, instead of seeing them thrown into landfill. Angelique and Monique grow more than 80% of the plants from cuttings of Pre-loved plants that have been saved over the years including Open-sourced seeds.

It was 2015 when Angelique moved the Plant Nursery from the city to a more rural location in West Auckland, closer to her home and with purpose built building’s so she could grow more beautiful plants and expand her plant and cut flower range. At the same time she created the mail order online website www.plantrescue.co.nz to keep up with the forever changing market!

At Plant Zero we are passionate about helping to preserve our planet for future generations by collecting pre-loved plants and preventing them from going into compost or landfill. We love creating better value added gardens – because doing good feels great and is better for our future generations! 

If you would like work experience out west please apply here. @ Plant Zero we recycle everything we can, including plastic pots, so you are welcome to donate pre-loved plants, pots and any other garden products (Some conditions apply so please call first) that you don’t have space for anymore!

Angelique is proud to have provided various residential, community based and commercial clients with award winning garden designs, innovative renovation work, effectively utilized small courtyard spaces, coastal hillside landscaping, luxury poolside oasis’, personalised townhouse landscaping and efficient commercial planting project developments throughout Auckland.

Angelique's landscape services include:

• Plant Sales and Supply

• Landscape Architecture

• On Site Consultation Services

• 2D & 3D Visualisations & Project Management

• Expert Witness for Council

Plant ZERO 2006 Ltd

Opening Hours

We are an Online Nursery but pick ups can be organised @ our Flower farm in Kumeu. When contacting us please TEXT ONLY as we are busy little elves tending to our plants.

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