Herbs and veges

Flower Carpet Roses


  • Groundcover rose 'Coral'
    Coral-pink single blooms deepen with age. An easy care groundcover with a super long flowering perio...
  • Groundcover rose 'Scarlet'
    Vivid scarlet double petalled blooms. An easy car groundcover rose with a super long flowering perio...
  • Groundcover rose 'Splash'
    NEW VARIETY! Masses of bi-colour hot pink & pale pink blooms. An easy care groundcover rose with a s...
  • Groundcover rose 'White'
    Snowy white fragrant petals that remain unaffected by rain. An easy care groundcover rose with a sup...
  • Rosa 'Amber'
    Soft orange-yellow blooms aging to soft pink with a peach blush. Light fragrance. An easy care groun...

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Here are some terms we use:

Budget Grade = Bare rooted, a baby plant or pup, ships wrapped in potting mix, will need some TLC before planting out into a large garden. Landscape Grade = >1 Litre or more, strong and healthy for planting out. Premium Grade = >1.3 Litre or more, larger than landscape Grade, nice and bushy. Superduper Grade = >3 Litre or more, may have multiple stems, very bushy, an eyecatcher :-)

Please note : All our plants have their own unique characters and the photo is a guide to show what the plant looks like. There may be variations of shape and sizes... but they will look happy and healthy when you receive them!

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