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We are currently in the process of setting up a new courier that can deliver our plants safely around New Zealand.  So there are some delays getting your parcels to you safely so please be patient. Know that your order is secure and we will look after yourt plants until we can send them. If you have any questions please email us here.

We thank you for your patience and investing in upcycled and pre-loved plants, healthier for the environment and healthier for you! :-)

Auckland International Flower Show GOLD Award Winner

Meat N 2 Veg

GOLD for Design

SILVER for Lighting

Bronze for Construction


Designed & Project Managed by Angelique Lambermon

With Thanks also to:

Manukau City Council

Mahurangi Technical Institute

Supertrees Fruit Trees

Antipodian Vegetable Growers

The garden could be part of a larger landscape or be the only available space. It shows what can be achieved within a small area and is designed to broaden the mind and encourage thought and innovation as to what can be produced within a small garden, while still paying careful attention to the environment and what effects man is having on it. 

Through the use of recycled and sustainable timbers it has added to the strength of the design. These structures enable the ability for future expansion or change.

The Meat & 2 Veg Kiwi Backyard garden has been designed and implemented embracing a new design realm within the sustainable landscape.

This garden has been designed to experiment with organic, sustainable practices including dense companion planting to assist in repelling insect and pest attack. Raising all vegetable plants from seed and recycling household and garden waste through composting and the bokashi unit will lower household costs and assist with reducing the carbon foot print created by the residence and other modern day activities. 

The beehives not only provide honey for the family, but help with crop production within the garden and contribute to the neighbouring ecosystem.

The eel tank has captured the essence of  a traditional type water feature but shows with thought and innovative thinking that this too can be turned into a fresh food production unit for the family and a valuable source of nutrients from the waste to be returned back into the environment.