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Griselinea Littoralis varieties - Hedging


Griselinea Littoralis varieties
Handsome and hardy shrub or small tree. Small polished and leathery deep green leaves. Tolerant of sun or shade, coastal or heavy frosty conditions. Requires good drainage.

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Dimensions: 6 x 2 metres
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Griselinea ‘Broadway Mint’

An attractive and popular form of G. littoralis with glossy, mint-green leaves. A must-plant hedge for any garden that needs a screen or wind protection. Quick to establish and requires little maintenance. Evergreen. Hardy.

Griselinea ‘Canterbury’

A dependable, quick-growing shrub forming a dense, attractive hedge. ‘Canterbury’ is known for its’ attractive dark red stems and finer rich-green foliage. A clonal form of G. littoralis. Can handle a wide range of soil and climatic conditions. Evergreen. Hardy.

Griselinea ‘Whenuapai’

This is the small leaved variety with oval shaped foliage. This is a more upright growing plant than Broadway Mint, the leaves are narrower and a deeper green so it looks slightly fresher and tidier. It is a tough native that tolerates any amount of pruning. Will cope with almost any soil type or situation and is particularly tolerant of persistent or salt laden winds. Copes with moderate frosts, clay and coastal conditions so it is quite a versatile plant. Prefers good drainage and does not like waterlogged soils.

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