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Tui Garden Mix
Create the perfect oasis for enjoying the great outdoors with thriving fruit trees, shrubs, vegetables and flowers. Tui Garden Mix is a versatile planting mix that adds nutrient rich organic matter to improve soil condition, for healthy plants. Use throughout your garden to provide optimum growing conditions for your plants.

Tui Garden Mix contains high analysis fertilisers to reduce transplant shock and encourage rapid establishment of plants and robust root growth. The addition of blood and bone, sheep pellets, and trace elements conditions the soil and corrects soil deficiencies.

Tui Garden Mix is a blend including high quality fine bark and compost to create ideal growing conditions for your plants.
NZ$ 14.77 excluding GST
Price for 10+:
NZ$ 12.49 per 40 L
Price for 20+:
NZ$ 11.67 per 40 L
Price for 40+:
NZ$ 11.15 per 40 L
40 L
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