Achmea gamosephala - Bromeliads

Achmea gamosephala
This Bromelia will (if grown in full shade with plenty of nutrients), develop dark, glossy, arching green leaves which can reach 70cm in height. In bright light or low nutrient situations the leaves turn a light green to almost gold colour, and usually grow more erect about 40-50cm high. In either case, this plant is a dependable bloomer, with the first flower spikes appearing in late autumn and the last fading of late winter. Once the distinctive blue and pink bottle-brush-shaped spikes have finished flowering, the spike turns dark pink and stays in color until midsummer. The plant holds it pups close to the mother plant, forming an effective ground-cover. One plant will produce 2-5 pups per year, with the clump typically doubling in area each year. It is best for slightly shady areas where the foliage keeps its best colour and the flowers really stand out. It is relatively hardy, so can be grown outdoors in areas which receive only mild frosts. It is easy to use as an epiphyte or in a pot in the garden.
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