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Organic Lettuce Fuseables Pot


Organic Lettuce Fuseables Pot
Fresh, healthy, mixed salad blends have become so simple with fuseables. Each fuseable pellet contains a mix of tasty, well-suited greens that we have planted and grown for you to start harvesting. These can be enjoyed as both colourful, mixed-textured ornamentals, or as delicious, nutritious edibles.
Picture may differ slightly to final salad varieties in pot.
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When harvesting, cut the plants back no lower than 5cm. Do this every three weeks or so and you will be rewarded with several more fresh salads!

Like many leafy greens, these can be grown in spring, summer, and autumn. However, you will find that when grown in the cooler months of spring and autumn the plants produce more vivid colours. If you choose to grow your salad bowls indoors be sure to keep them in high light—we would also recommend that you pop them outdoors periodically. An ideal situation would be to have one bowl indoors and one outdoors, then alternate them.