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Syngonium podophyllum "White Butterfly" - Indoor Plants


Syngonium podophyllum
The hardy evergreen white syngonium is an enthusiastic climber but can be pruned to create a compact tabletop plant.
When left unpruned, the arrowhead plant can grow to be about 2 meters long and look lovely when trained to climb or allowed to cascade over the sides of a hanging basket or pot.
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Syngonium Plant Care Quick Growing Guide:

Family: Araceae

Origin: Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Mexico, South America, West Indies

Common Names: Arrowhead vine, Butterfly plant, Tri-Leaf Wonder, Nephthytis, African Evergreen, Green-Gold Nephthytis, Goosefoot Plant, Five Fingers

Uses: Arrowhead vines are easy to grow and do well growing indoors in a low-to-medium light as a trailing, climbing or hanging vine. It can also be kept pruned for a more bushy appearance. With many varieties, cultivars and colors to choose from, these foliage plants coordinate well with any decor and adds interest in variegated shades of green and white, silver, cream, pink or even purple.

Length: 1 - 2 meters long

Height: 30 - 40 cm tall

Flowers: It is unusual for the arrowhead plant to produce flowers indoors. When flowers do appear the greenish/white blooms look something like Peace lily blooms with a thicker spadex (the central shaft that bears the individual flowers and berries). The tiny flowers develop into brownish-black or red berries.

Foliage: Leaves vary in color depending upon the plant variety. On all varieties, leaves transform from small ovate leaves too long, lobed leaves. Color and markings also change throughout the lifespan of the leaf.

When leaves first emerge, they are relatively arrow shaped and often display silvery variegation.

When the leaves on the arrowhead plant ages, they attain the arrow shaped leaves that gives them their common name. As the leaves further mature, they grow from about five inches long to about fourteen inches long.

Colors: Leaves are usually heavily variegated when young. The variegation tends to fade as the arrowhead plant leaves mature. Leaves come in attractive shades of green and white, silver, cream, pink, and even purple.

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